Unpretty Wake Ups – From Night Owl To Morning Mom?


I am a tired mommy this morning.  My boys were up at 3am for some unknown reason and considering I had gotten to sleep at around 11.30 pm, that is way less sleep than I am use to.

I am normally a night owl, very very much so. However, I have just started a 30 day course called the Miracle Morning which for a non Morning person is kinda funny and bloody challenging.

So I had everything set up for my Miracle Morning. Alarm set for 5am, check. My accountability partner was set to text me at 5.05 to check I was ready to roll, check. Had my water, my journal and my pens all set out on the kitchen table ready to start, check.

Then boom, 3am and I’m being shoved and woken way before my alarm. 5 min later Mr 1.5 is howling because Mr 3 had climbed over him and was kicking his legs out-of-the-way. For those of you who are new to my blog antics, we co-sleep, in the lounge, on the coach, just me and my two boys. Yes, long story, way longer than I have the patience for right at this minute.

Soooo, with them awake of course I was awake so I thought I would try to get my Miracle Morning started right then and there. Considering that most of it revolved around things that needed quiet thought and stillness, I gave up about the 5 min mark. I just lay on the bed till they had worn themselves out and passed out again.

Did I crawl back under the covers with them? Well no because I wouldn’t be writing this if I had. So I went through my Miracle Morning routine and smashed it! I even managed a bit of exercise. God its going to hurt tomorrow!

However, I was so set on getting right into this Miracle Morning not only for the promises it made but also because the thought of getting up because I WANTED to not because I HAD to really had me excited. I thought ‘Yes, me time!’

Alas, as invigorating as I am sure the process is and should be, the Unpretty Wake Up was not the best way to start my new morning routine.

I will persist, because I want to, because I want the benefits that this books raves about. I want the experiences that the community of MM’ers talk about on Facebook. Mostly, I just want to have some me time and 3am bed times are really taking their toll.

This morning reminded me of many a morning when I had rolled into bed really late/early in the morning thinking I would catch some decent sleep because the boys had been up late. Only to be awoken a few hours later due to some random act of elbow/knee/head butt incident.

I thought those days were over. Today, I was wrong. How on gods green earth can these kids be up at 3am when they have been sleeping mostly through the night for yonks? Do they secretly know that I am trying to get me some me time? It’s like they sniffed the idea out and are playing a really crap prank on me.

They are so lucky I love them, or I may be inclined to toss them out of the house if they keep this up.

I would love to hear about your Unpretty Wake Ups with your little darlings/monsters. Do you grab a nap during the day or just hold on and go to bed at the same time as the kids?

Better yet, I dare you to some join me on this morning trek to a better life using the 30 day Miracle Morning Challenge

*if you click on the links and buy the book I get coffee money, which I need a ton of this morning.  Just saying

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