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Do you sit in your PJ’s/trackies all day every day throughout winter?

Are you home with your kids all day every day?

Have you ever sworn, argued or farted in front of your kids?

Do you sometimes just feel like digging a hole in the back yard and hiding your head in it till you cant hear the screams of your wonderfully mis-behaved kids?

Despite the shit that goes on from day to day, are you still able to laugh and find something in your life to be grateful for?

Then this is a blog dedicated to you, and me, maybe just me?


cartoonme       Who Am I

I am a 42 yr old mum who has given birth to 5 wonderfully quirky kids.

My oldest 3 are from my previous 16 yr relationship and the last two are from my current relationship of 4yrs. Only my oldest and my two youngest live with us, the other 2 live with their father.

This dynamic isn’t the norm, but neither am I.

Im not unpretty, nor am I pretty.

I am unique, special and very me as are each and every one of us, and I am ok with this.

I invite you into my world. It can be quirky, weird, wacky and all manner of crazy, yet at the same time it can also be boring and brain numbing.